Shortwave Radio
An old Grundig Majestic; image jacked from the internet.

Some interesting programming can still be found on shortwave bands, though this requires wading through tons of Christian fundamentalists, open white supremacists (including nazis) and other assorted kooks. With the ascendancy of streaming radio over the last two decades, shortwave has lost many of its non-hardcore followers. Now that the mainstream conservative movement has gone fully fash, much of the content and ideas previously heard only on shortwave can now be heard on regular AM radio. One interesting development in the Shortwave world has been the ascendance of WBCQ. Station owner, former pirate-radio rebel Allan Weiner’s cynical practice of providing airtime to anyone with money recently reached comedic proportions, as the station constructed an entirely new transmitter for a religion based on the notion that the earth is flat. Perhaps the flat-earther end time church seems tame after Weiner’s decades of dealing with characters like white supremacists Pete Peters and Hal Turner, or notorious grifter/creep, the “Last Day Prophet of God,” R.G. Stair.

To get a handle on some of what can be found on the shortwaves, we recommend Shortwaveology, and Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio program and weekly station log roundups.

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Published by Frequency and Amplitude, an NYC Radio Roundup

Surveying what's left of the analog NYC-area radioscape.

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