October 6 Dispatch: Is this what we want to return to? “Oh Boy…” Hazmat suits, pop-up morgues—A Bronx scanner recording from the peak of the first wave

“Oh boy.” Collage by Freq-Amp.com.

President Trump is out of the hospital, has declared himself possibly “immune” from the coronavirus, and implored the country: “Don’t be afraid of Covid” (via Twitter, of course). Here at Frequency and Amplitude, we’re not too keen to go back to the days of peak Covid, the months of nonstop, cascading sirens from all directions, the days spent trying to locate missing neighbors in local hospitals.

As a reminder of what we don’t want to repeat, we present you with some peak-Covid police scanner audio from the Bronx. This recording, from mid-April, has a dispatcher relaying a report of an (alleged) improvised morgue at the site of an ambulance company. This was a time when the health-care system was so overloaded that hospitals were storing bodies in refrigerated trucks. Covid denialists still claim the numbers are exaggerated, a claim that is laughable to those of us who witnessed the toll firsthand. None of this is a secret: The location of the morgue site in this recording was mentioned in a story by The City, “Moving Trucks Carry the Dead as Funeral Homes Get Slammed.”

The Virus, as depicted by the editor’s five-year-old daughter.

A note: the “Oh boy” used by the dispatcher is likely shorthand for a car number. Bronx EMS Station 20-B is nicknamed “O-Boy,” though we are unable to verify if there is any connection to this particular call.

New York City EMS Station 20B Oh Boy Bronx Patch
Is the “Oh-Boy” uttered by the dispatcher a reference to 20-B?

We thank the anonymous reader who provided us with this recording, and encourage anyone to send interesting audio clips to freq-amp@protonmail.com


“Oh boy”

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2 thoughts on “October 6 Dispatch: Is this what we want to return to? “Oh Boy…” Hazmat suits, pop-up morgues—A Bronx scanner recording from the peak of the first wave

  1. Thank you for keeping us informed by sending the dispatch material. And FYI, somehow I’m still receiving ultra-junk-crap e-mails inviting me to “join” Rev. Pence at his very own Hitler rally in Boulder City, NV, and of course to open my wallet and empty it out in the name and glory of Donald Trump. Besides being a sociopath and a Fascist, Trump is also a mass-murderer of 210,000 (and counting) souls. He should be indicted, arrested, quickly tried and summarily punished for his capital crimes (also including Treason, for his continuous obsequious kowtowing to Russia and to his idol Vladimir Putin).


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