A short dispatch, with audio: Heshy Tischler and the Proud Boys make rally plans on the air. “We have a lot in common.” (10/22)

Heshy Tischler, broadcasting next to a portrait of himself.

Today’s dispatch is going to be a short one. We are reluctant to give obnoxious blowhard Heshy Tischler too much attention. Those of us who put this site together are grateful for our readers, and we don’t want to subject any of you to endless posts about unlistenable programming. We have already covered Tischler’s antics and his “Just Enough Heshy” show here and here. This new development, however, is worth reporting on, as a warning. Here’s what we hope is the last post for a while on Heshy Tischler.

Upon tuning in for a quick listen to Tischler’s show last night, we heard a caller identifying himself as “David from the Proud Boys,” greeted with enthusiasm by the host, who asked “Are you coming to the rally, David?” The Proud Boy assents, stating, “We have a lot in common, Heshy.” A fawning Tischler tells the caller, “I love you, David.” The rally Tischler referred to is a pro-Trump event at Trump Tower this Sunday. Tischler and his guest, MAGA activist Jen Remauro, discussed the plans for the rally throughout the show. As we noted in our last review of Tischler’s show, lacking a large base of popular support, the demagogue would likely turn to increasingly desperate political stunts. Now Heshy’s prostrating himself at the base of Trump Tower, a great way to get the attention of the MAGA mediascape (he’s already been featured in Breitbart-style websites as a representative of “New York Jews,” a claim that is beyond absurd).

Despite Donald Trump’s attempts to paint them otherwise, the Proud Boys are a far-right gang. Their members routinely assault people. As Tischler’s caller notes, some Proud Boys are currently serving prison time for their violent attacks.

It’s too early to tell what shape the Heshy/Proud Boy alliance could take. Will they bro down at Trump tower, swapping hugs and high fives while assaulting journalists and counterprotesters? Or, more likely, will Tischler point out attack targets, letting others do his bidding, as he can allegedly be seen in video of the assault on journalist Jacob Kornbluh? Embracing a group of violent brawlers certainly doesn’t bode well for Tischler, who claims he is a man of peace, unjustly charged for his role in the attack on Kornbluh.

At the end of the show, a caller asks Tischler if he can bring the Proud Boys to Boro Park. Tischler claims this is in the works. It’s easy to dismiss Heshy Tischler as a mere buffoon. This is a luxury not available to those who have been targeted by Tischler’s rhetoric, including the Boro Park residents who don’t support him or the journalists who wind up on his “snitch list.”

Audio Receipts

The sound quality of these clips isn’t great. The Just Enough Heschy show is plagued by endless technical problems. Together with the bombastic host, this makes for difficult listening.

Caller identifying as “David from the Proud Boys,” tells Tischler, “We have a lot in common.” They discuss plans for an upcoming rally.

A caller asks if Tischler can bring the Proud Boys to Boro Park. Tischler says this is going to happen.

Published October 22, 2020

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