Freq-Amp contributor Peter Rugh releases a new single (with video by Freq-Amp illustrator Showband Era)

Peter Rugh illustrated by Showband Era.

Two friends of this website are making moves on the audio-visual tip. Peter Rugh (whose radiofiction story, May He Rest in Peace appeared last year) has a new single out. The Old International is a lament to a Covid-closed dive bar and the “wild and lonesome renegades who drink and work there.” This isn’t some corny Cliff Claven, Theme from Cheers jingle. It’s a good listen. Rugh honed his gravel-throated delivery inhaling Marlboro smoke and bourbon in some of the last places a working stiff can go to tie one on. The production is sparse and ethereal. Rugh’s plaintive lyrics are propped up nicely by Malcom Elvy’s keys and the ghosts of many a shuttered dive bar.

The Old International was recorded by Derek Brown at the Slipper Room, a burlesque club that was also closed during the pandemic. You can listen for free at Bandcamp. The Kingcrisp Records Bandcamp page also features a video produced by Freq-Amp’s illustrator, Showband Era. (It’s also viewable via youtube. Keep in mind, though, that none of the revenue from mandatory commercials makes its way to the artists.)

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