Country and Western classics, pirate reggae style (with audio)

Flatbush, Brooklyn-based pirate station Crossroads Family Radio (105.5 fm) has been taking the artform to new levels with their country show. Tuesday nights at 7, you might catch all sorts of country classics along the lines of Patsy Cline or Waylon Jennings. Or some of the sentimental stuff, like Kenny Rogers or schmaltzy 70s classicsContinue reading “Country and Western classics, pirate reggae style (with audio)”

Pirate Transmissions

Many interesting pirate stations can be found on the radio. Most of these pop up in different frequencies, usually at the very low end of the FM dial. In Brooklyn, listeners can find pirate stations broadcasting in multiple languages including Russian, Yiddish, Kreyol, Spanish and English. Unfortunately many of these pirates often knock out someContinue reading “Pirate Transmissions”