Pirate Transmissions

Many interesting pirate stations can be found on the radio. Most of these pop up in different frequencies, usually at the very low end of the FM dial. In Brooklyn, listeners can find pirate stations broadcasting in multiple languages including Russian, Yiddish, Kreyol, Spanish and English. Unfortunately many of these pirates often knock out someContinue reading “Pirate Transmissions”

AM Radio—“We can’t let the other side even breathe”

But today, in order to create a totalitarian Lebensraum, it is no longer necessary to resort to extraordinary invasions with the motorized vehicles, tanks and stukas of lightning warfare, since one can use the ordinary penetration of the new media, the information blitz. The abundance of surrounding dangers was formerly posed by belligerent factions armedContinue reading “AM Radio—“We can’t let the other side even breathe””

The FM dial: Woke-hop, left factions, freeform, free jazz and more

A modest survey of some of the things found on the FM dial. WNYC 93.9 WNYC’s stellar, but underutilized, news department has been doing excellent coverage of the protests against police abuse and the violent antics of the NYPD (both topics on which WNYC has been historically weak). WNYC-produced On the Media has been consistentlyContinue reading “The FM dial: Woke-hop, left factions, freeform, free jazz and more”

Local and DX Dispatch by Dick Alexander

Lately I haven’t been getting much sleep so I lie under the covers trawling the waves aided by my tiny radio, the Sony Walkman SRF 59. This is a small and inexpensive radio that is suited to DXing and radio listening in general. DXing is a radio culture term for long-distance listening, i.e. seeking outContinue reading “Local and DX Dispatch by Dick Alexander”

An Introduction: Why radio, why now?

A site dedicated to radio? Why now? We are well aware of the paralyzing complexity of life under quarantine/pandemic, widespread social unrest and an upcoming election. We live in a time of permanent crisis. There is likely to be no “good” time to set this project in motion. Even if COVID-19 were to miraculously disappear,Continue reading “An Introduction: Why radio, why now?”